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Magic Drip Series DM High Strength Steel Repair Liquid for Steel Magic Drip Series DM High Strength Steel Repair Liquid for Steel


Magic Drip Series DM High Strength Steel Repair Liquid for Steel

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Magic Drip steel repair liquid , own the advantages of good construction technology, high bonding strength with metal, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strong anti-aging, curing without shrinkage, high mechanical strength, color basically match repair materials.


Two components. High comprehensive mechanical properties. Suitable for all kinds of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel parts of the defect repair and parts wear, scratch, corrosion, fracture repair. Such as hull, deck corrosion and damage repair, in the shipbuilding industry is called "steel cement".

1) The surface of the repaired parts should be sanded or sandblasted. Some parts with oil and moisture should be cleaned and dried with cleaning agent to ensure that the surface of the repaired parts is free from oil and water, rust and dust. For the repair of shaft hole wear, the surface should be roughened. The micro cracks should be v-shaped to broaden the depth of more than 1mm, and then cleaned with alcohol and other solvents to increase the repair strength.

2) Mix the components A and B of the repair agent in A specified proportion on A clean plate and stir evenly until the color is consistent. With use with, and in the specified time used up.

3) Use the scraper or shovel knife to apply the adjusted repair agent to the surface of the repair work piece, and press repeatedly to make the repair agent and the work piece fully bonded, and set aside adequate allowance for grinding processing.

4) The repaired workpiece should be cured completely (6-12 hours at room temperature) before mechanical processing. When the temperature is below 15℃, the appropriate temperature is 40-80℃, the higher the temperature, the faster the curing.

5) After the specified curing time is reached, it is judged that the repair agent is completely cured, and processing such as turning, grinding and drilling can be carried out to make the size of the equipment meet the requirements.

1) The surface of the repaired workpiece should be polished rough as far as possible, and kept clean and free from oil pollution.

2) When the temperature is lower than 15℃ and the humidity is greater than 80% in low temperature and humid environment, it is recommended to take appropriate heating measures.

3) This product is safe and non-toxic, but try to avoid touching skin and eyes when using. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water or seek medical advice.

4) Construction tools should be cleaned with alcohol and other cleaning agents.

5) Before batch use, users should confirm the experiment first to avoid improper operation and affect the repair effect.