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We manufacture and market more than just quality products, we also provide high performance repair solutions for mechanical, OES, and collision repair applications. We develop our FENLOC automotive aftermarket products to provide reliable and durable results so they work properly the first time, every time. Our automotive repair adhesives and threadlocking materials provide excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates while our automotive maintenance products keep your vehicles in prime working condition. All this provides peace of mind that the repair job will last. Magic Drip®Products offer automotive aftermarket products solutions for most systems and components, including the following applications:
  • Engine Solutions
  • Brake System Solutions
  • Transmission Solutions
  • Suspension Solutions
Fenloc's portfolio of threadlockers, thread sealants, gasketing materials, grease, cleaners, and anti-seize lubricants offer reliable solutions for several different automotive aftermarket applications that target mechanical systems.

In addition to automotive applications, our mechanical solutions include product formulations designed for heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles, marine applications, and more. If it runs and drives, we can fix it!

Find out more below about our specific product solutions in different areas: engines, brake systems, transmissions, suspension, and differential.

Engine Solutions

Wherever engines are being built or repaired, MAGIC DRIP and JIAYUAN® is trusted by professionals, in order to deliver performance, reliability, and safety. Whether gasoline or diesel, from bolts and gaskets to cooling lines and core plugs, Fenloc products are used to seal, secure, and repair automotive engine components.

Brake System Solutions

Brake systems undergo a significant amount of mechanical and thermal stress and need to provide safe and reliable braking at all times. Fenloc’s range of Magic Drip® brand sealants, threadlockers, lubricants offer excellent reliability.

Transmission Solutions

Whether front or rear wheel drive, standard, automatic, or heavy duty, Fenloc’s Magic Drip® products can handle many transmission problems. Our product solutions include threadlocking, sealants, synthetic greases, anti-seize lubricants, retaining compounds, and gasketing materials for both automobile and heavy-duty transmission applications.

Suspension Solutions

Fenloc’s Magic Drip® suspension solution include medium- and high-strength threadlockers for bolts and studs, as well as high performance greases for bushings and anti-seizes to prevent rust, galling, and more. These Magic Drip ® mechanical repair products are suitable for all types of suspensions, including heavy duty suspensions and off-road systems.Fenloc’s portfolio of suspension materials offers reliable and high-quality solutions that can be trusted every time to keep your suspension aligned and intact in the face of even the harshest shocks and vibrations.
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