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Magic Drip DM70 Series Multi-functional Rust Removing Lubricant

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DM70 multi-functional rust removal lubricant, environmental protection formula, rust removal maintenance, help you solve the problem of life, such as stuck abnormal sound, rust difficult to disassembly.

  • DM70
  • Magic Drip

Have you ever tried to remove a bolt from a car and had it refuse point blank to move even a millimeter due to rust or old age? If you have then you know how annoying this situation can be.
Don’t despair however, because these days you can find new types of penetrating oils that make removing jammed nuts, hinges or bolts effortless and safe.
Any mechanic will tell you that rust can be a difficult problem, and rusted or seized parts can be difficult to remove and replace no matter if you have the best tool set in existence.
Having a good-quality penetrating oil can save you time and effort and make the process of removing bolts, screws and nuts, a cinch. It is our Magic Drip DM70  Rust Removing Lubricant .

For Cars:

Lubrication cleaning protection shock absorbers, rearview mirror lubrication, cleaning license plate screws, lubrication car locks

For Households:

Polish cleaning bathroom, kitchen metal cleaning, lubrication drawer rails, door handle parts lubrication

The product has a certain pressure, packaging should not hit, keep away with fire, stored in dry and ventilated environment below 50℃, avoid direct sunlight, away from fire and heat source. Keep out of reach of children, do not Pierce the product and empty cans used up and put into fire, it has solubility to paint