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Magic Drip 20g Instant Glue 502 Super Glue Bonding Metal Plastics 401 460 480 495 496

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Especially suitable for applications with low whitening and low odor requirements. It is suitable for rapid bonding of porous
(Whitening is the white turbidity that can be seen around the surface of the bonded part. When cyanoacrylate monomer volatilizes
and deposits on the part, it may cause whitening due to slow curing. This is not a performance problem, but special application
centers that require beauty must be avoided.)
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  • Magic Drip


Tips for use

The adhesive effect can be improved by using magic drop 770 treatment agent with magic drop instant dry adhesive on the surface of difficult adhesive materials. For bonding with large gap. The initial curing time shall be less than 60 seconds, and 770 accelerator shall be used in combination with the application with low whitening requirements.


1. Why is a bottle of quick drying glue only half filled? Quick drying adhesive shall not be contained in airtight containers such as metal and glass, but in containers that need air permeability (low density polyethylene). In fact, half of the bottle has reached the marked container, and only half is filled to isolate the air and prevent the quick drying adhesive from curing. 2. What is the storage temperature and shelf life of quick drying adhesive? The quick drying adhesive is suitable for storage at 0-8 ℃. It cannot be heated or at high temperature. The shelf life is generally about 2 years. 3. How to clean the parts where the quick drying adhesive sticks to the skin? Due to its high moisture content, instant adhesive will quickly bond the skin. One method is to rotate the pen or pencil at the bonding gap and apply a peeling force on the adhesive layer to separate the skin between the fingers. You can also try warm water and soap.