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Fenloc PU10 Glass Sealant Sausage Package Fenloc PU10 Glass Sealant Sausage Package


Fenloc PU10 Glass Sealant Sausage Package

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Fenloc PU10 combines neutral curing technology with anti-fungal compounds to provide an easy to apply; low odour, UV resistant, corrosion free, flexible sealant which prevents mould growth. The sealant’s excellent adhesive properties produce a water tight and weather resistant seal without the need of a primer on most surfaces.


  • PU10
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PU10 is suitable for most building, construction and glazing joints both internally and externally. It is commonly used for sealing joints and perimeter pointing around window and door frames, panels within cold stores, expansion and connection joints in sanitary areas and cladding.

Fast-curing adhesive produces rapid results

Formulated as a medium viscosity and non-sag adhesive for easy and clean application

High bond strength designed for windshield bonding and stationary glass attachment

Adhesive properties meet many application demands and strength requirements

Surfaces must be dry and dust free. Cut the cartridge seal and screw on nozzle which should be cut to required size. Gun the sealant firmly into joint ensuring no air is trapped behind. If required place masking tape along joint edges.