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AX5 Medium Strength Screw Glue M6-M25 Locking Thread Removable Threadlocker Price

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Medium Strength M6-M25 Locking Thread Removable Threadlocker Price
  • AX5

  • Magic Drip



The unique curing characteristics of anaerobic adhesive, anaerobic adhesive can be used in locking, sealing, fixing, bonding, plugging and so on. Anaerobic adhesive has become an indispensable liquid tool in the machinery industry. It is widely used in aerospace, military industry, automobile, machinery, electronics, electrical and other industries.


1. Surface treatment: derusting - degreasing - Cleaning - drying Derusting can be carried out mechanically or chemically: degreasing and cleaning can be carried out by soaking and cleaning with appropriate organic solvents (such as acetone and solvent gasoline) for two to three times.

2. Apply anaerobic glue: apply enough anaerobic glue to fill the gap.

3. Assembly: it shall be positioned as soon as possible, and it is not allowed to move after positioning.

4. Curing: generally, the anaerobic adhesive can reach the service strength in 1 hour and the curing strength in 24 hours.


1. Anaerobic adhesive shall not be contained in airtight containers such as metal and glass, but in air permeable containers (low density polyethylene)

2. The anaerobic adhesive shall be stored in a cool and dry place and shall not be exposed to the sun. If it is refrigerated at 8 ℃- 23 ℃, the adhesive shall be used after reaching room temperature.

3. Suitable for locking and sealing between metals. It is not suitable for porous materials such as plastic, wood and paper. For active metals such as steel, copper and their alloys, the surface curing is fast and the strength is high.For stainless steel, zinc, cadmium and other metal surfaces, the curing is slow and the strength is low.

4. Curing conditions, airtight use on two kinds of metal surfaces without air.

5. If the adhesive force is too large during removal, the parts can be heated to 200-300 ℃ and removed while hot; It can also be disassembled after running in anaerobic glue remover or acetone for a long time.